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Synergy Creations' Tech Library

Synergy Creations' Tech Library Articles discuss common questions about Synergy Creations' products, you might especially see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) article. (Yes, we know that the article numbers do not monotonically increase!)

Article #0001:  My registration code doesn't work!

Article #0002:  UpTime Log and Mac OS X

Article #0003:  Synergy Creations and 68K Mac Software

Article #0004:  68K Download Page

Article #0005:  Synergy Creations FAQ

Article #0006:  Lost Registration Codes

Article #0008:  Decompression Help (and ConverTable Units plug-in issue with StuffIt Expander 7.0)

Article #0010:  Errors occur on Kagi website when ordering

Article #0012:  Periodic Table upgrade & crossgrade licenses

Article #0014:  How to enable iPod disk use for ChemDuet/periodicPod

Article #0015:  How to Upgrade to Periodic Table 4

Article #0016:  ChemDuet 1.6 Installer Windows No Media/Disk Error

Article #0019:  Does ChemDuet work with iPhone or iPod Touch? (No)

Article #0020:  Synergy Creations' support for software for older OS versions.

Article #0021:  How to remove software licenses from Macs you are selling/transferring/etc.