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Upgrading to Periodic Table 4
Tech Library Article #0015 + Modified: 11 October 2005

Question: I purchased Periodic Table prior to version 4. When I run version 4, it says I need to upgrade?!?! Why? How can I upgrade?

Periodic Table 4 is the largest single update we have yet produced for our award-winning Periodic Table software. Periodic Table 4 brings you many new features. There is a $15 upgrade fee for customers who have previously purchased the software. If you purchased Periodic Table 3 in the year before Periodic Table 4 was released (e.g. on or after October 1, 2004), this upgrade fee is not necessary, and your Periodic Table 3 registration will work with Periodic Table 4.

You may of course continue using your earlier registration with Periodic Table 3.5.2, the last revision of Periodic Table 3. Until you upgrade, Periodic Table 4 will operate in demo mode only.

Some of the new features in Periodic Table 4 include:

  • Scalable Tables: Fill Your Cinema Display
  • Vastly Improved Periodic Table Display: All of the new scalable tables now support more data displayed on the table itself, easily adjustable views, mini info windows for element identification, and more.
  • Custom periodic tables can now be created, saved, and shared.
  • Speed increases throughout the program.
  • Streamlined graphing capabilities.
  • New graphing options include adjustable axes and views.
  • Several additional datasets are now included.

For a more complete description of Periodic Table 4 and all its new features visit the Periodic Table 4 page.

You can purchase an upgrade/crossgrade license from our secure Kagi store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here to order your upgrade now.