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Lost Registration Codes
Tech Library Article #0006 + Created: 29 August 2002 + Modified: 20 July 2007

Your question: I previously registered one of your products. I need to reinstall it, but I lost my registration code! Can you help me?

Our response: If you purchased Periodic Table, Alchemist's Challenge, ChemDuet, or ConverTable Units anytime in the past 60 days, you should go to this page at Kagi's website. This will allow you to look up your order and retrieve your registration code instantly. If you don't remember enough about the order, you can still enter a request to have someone look up the information manually, but this will take longer.

If your purchase was longer than 60 days ago, or you purchased UpTime Log, please contact Synergy Creations directly and we will look up your order. Please note that this option will generally take longer.

Of course, always feel free to write us directly for help with your registration codes.