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UpTime Log and Mac OS X
Tech Library Article #0002 + Created: 21 March 2002 

Quick Summary: For now, we do not recommend using UpTime Log with Mac OS X. Nor do we recommend using it with a Mac OS 9 installation which is used as the Classic environment for Mac OS X.

We've been asked a few times about a version of UpTime Log for Mac OS X. There isn't a Mac OS X version, at least not yet. There are several reasons for this, but please note that we're not saying that there will never be a version of UpTime Log for Mac OS X. We like Mac OS X a lot, but UpTime Log needs to be seriously rethought and recast to be a good OS X program. The latest version (March 2002) is 1.8, which runs nicely in Mac OS 8 and 9. Some comments/reasons follow:

1) Mac OS X is far more stable than Mac OS 9, so why would one want to track crashes? :-) We realize that not everyone has had that good luck, of course! Mac OS 9 is very stable now as well, but X is just amazing.

2) There are probably better Unix-type utilities for Mac OS X for doing what UpTime Log does on Mac OS 8 and 9.

3) To simply find out the uptime in OS X, open a Terminal window and type "uptime". This doesn't actually log the uptime of course, it merely displays it. (And if you use the Terminal, you're using a command-line interface, so obviously this isn't very Mac-like!)

4) If we do port UpTime Log to OS X, it will be a totally new program; it isn't as simple to port to Mac OS X as our other software has been. This is partly due to the multiuser nature of OS X.

Finally, we note that although the current version of UpTime Log will run in Mac OS X under Classic, it may cause problems with the shutdown/restart process in Mac OS X. This is because UpTime Log attempts to do things as the Classic environment (OS 9)--not OS X--is shutting down or restarting. Usually you can just click okay on any error dialog boxes which appear and try to shutdown/restart again, but this isn't ideal. You may also run into these errors if you have a Mac OS 9 installation that automatically runs UpTime Log at shutdown being used for the Classic environment under OS X, which is a pretty common situation.