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Synergy Creations Privacy Statement   last updated: 28 January 2008

Synergy Creations is concerned about your privacy online.  We do not sell, rent, lease, give away or otherwise transfer our customer list or customers' email addresses.  We hate getting spam (junk email) as much as you do.  We make every effort to keep your email address and any other contact informtion you provide us safe and secure.

When you register one of our products online (through Kagi), you might provide Kagi with your credit card number (they also accept other forms of payment) and email address.  We (Synergy Creations) never see your credit card number.  Other contact info may be necessary for paying with a credit card or Paypal.   We must have at least your email address to send you the registration code you are purchasing!  We admit, though, that seeing real physical addresses (or at least states/provinces/countries) is fun, because it lets us know that our products are being used around the world, which is really cool!

Please note that Kagi has their own privacy policy, viewable here.

Of course we have no control over the content or privacy policies of any external websites. We may provide links to such external websites, but you must use any such links at your own discretion.

We may, from time to time, gather data from users' browsers as they enter and exit the site.  Our service providers (Pair and Literati) provide to us general information about visitors to, including:

(1) IP address of computer requesting a webpage or file
(2) date and time of webpage or file request
(3) whether or not the request was successful
(4) referring webpage address

That's all.  In all honesty, the information isn't usually that interesting, but we sometimes like to see how many hits our site is getting and who is linking to our site!

About Synergy Creations

Synergy Creations develops innovative educational software products for the Macintosh computer platform.  Our flagship product is Yes I Can!(TM) for Macintosh, a complete early skills package for preschool and special education students.  Our other products include Synergy Creations' Periodic Table for Macintosh, Alchemist's Challenge, ChemDuet, ConverTable Units, ConverTable Planets, MacASCII Display and UpTime Log.

Questions? contact us.