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1999 News Items

22 September 1999  Version 1.4 of our Periodic Table for Macintosh software is released!  Version 1.4 is a maintenance update.  The software can now be run directly from read-only media; i.e. CD-ROMs.  This update is free for all registered users. (Version 1.4 would not run on non-English versions of the MacOS.  All other versions work, and besides, the newer versions are much better, so just go download the latest version!)

15 July 1999  Demos of our Periodic Table for Macintosh software are now showing up on a few magazine CD-ROMs!  Most magazines have the software compressed, but some leave the software uncompressed.  This has brought to light an issue with running the software directly from the CD: you can't do it, because the software expects to be on a hard drive (it needs to write and read from the preferences file).  Oops!  We hadn't originally anticipated this because if the software is downloaded from the internet, it will of course be on a writeable device--your hard drive.  The temporary fix for this issue is to just copy the software to your hard drive and it will work fine.  We will post an update soon which can be run directly from a CD or other non-writable device.

28 June 1999  Synergy Creations' Periodic Table software version 1.3 released, including elements 116 and 118, and a new unit-switching feature.  This is a free upgrade for registered users!  Not a  registered user yet?  Why not register today?

24 June 1999 is now active!  Please update your bookmarks.

15 June 1999  Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Oregon State University reported in late May 1999 the synthesis of elements 116 and 118.  This discovery brings the total number of known elements to 115.  (Elements 113, 115, and 117 have not yet been detected.)  Further, scientists feel that 118 is closer to the "zone of stability" long predicted by theory.  A revised version of our Periodic Table software is now under development and will be released soon to reflect these new discoveries.  (These elements are now included in versions 1.3 and higher.)

1 May 1999  Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of Synergy Creations' Periodic Table contained a slightly incorrect address for postal registrations.  The correct address for postal registrations is:
1442-A Walnut Street PMB #392-QWK
Berkeley CA 94709-1405