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The software on this page is for Mac OS 9.
If needed, select your operating system before downloading.
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10.3 and later
Mac OS X
10.1.5 - 10.2.8
Mac OS 9 Windows XP
Periodic Table 3.5.2
Click here to download:
periodictable.sit.bin (2.4MB)
Alchemist's ChallengeTM 1.4
Click here to download:
alchemist.sit (1.8MB)
ConverTable UnitsTM 2.5
Click here to download:
convertableunits.sit.bin (1.4MB)
ConverTable PlanetsTM 1.6
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English  ConverTablePlanets.sit.bin (1.2MB)

français  ConverTablePlanetsFR.sit.bin (1.2MB)
MacASCII DisplayTM 1.3
Click here to download:
MacASCIIDisplay.sit.bin (0.7MB)
UpTime LogTM 1.9
Click here to download:
UpTime.sit.bin (0.6MB)
Yes I Can!TM Net Demo 1.0
New demo coming soon!

   3Yes I Can! system requirements listed below.

  All of our software is designed for Macintosh computers.
Periodic Table is also available for Windows XP.

Our Macintosh software is distributed as MacBinary StuffIt files.  You need the free StuffIt Expander to decompress the files, but it's likely that if your Mac can run the demos, it's recent enough that StuffIt Expander is on your hard drive anyway, and your web browser is already set up to decode and decompress these files automatically. If not, you can drag and drop the file you download onto the StuffIt Expander icon once the download is complete.

Click here to download software for older 68K Macs.

1 Note to customers upgrading from 1.x versions of Periodic Table: Periodic Table version 3.5.2 is free for all registered users; however, if you have a registration code for a 1.x version, you need to contact us to receive a new code.  Please include the name/company you registered the software under before, and the old registration code if possible.

2 Some features are disabled in the Alchemist's Challenge, ConverTable Units, Periodic Table and UpTime Log software until you register them ($15-20 for a single-user license).

3 Yes I Can! system requirements:
 - System 7.5 or newer
 - QuickTime 2.0 or newer
 - a touchscreen is recommended, but not required.
 - English version of Mac OS.  Unfortunately, Yes I Can! does not work with non-English versions of the Mac OS at this time.
  Get ordering and pricing information for Yes I Can!...

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