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ChemDuet: for iPod
Your chemistry meets your music!
download ChemDuet 1.6.2
for Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Sure, you've got our periodic table software installed on your computer. But what about on your iPod? Is that even possible? Yes! Your chemistry meets your music on your iPod with ChemDuet!

ChemDuet is the premier chemistry reference tool for your iPod. ChemDuet gives you quick access to atomic properties, wherever you go with your iPod. The included data is based on Synergy Creations' award-winning Periodic Table software.
For iPods which support video, you even get visual tables!

Please note that ChemDuet is designed for an iPod with a click wheel and screen.
Therefore it does not work with iPhone or iPod Touch or 2010 iPod nano (touchscreen nano).

looking up cesium with ChemDuet...

         ChemDuet installer (Mac OS X)

     ChemDuet Visual Table

Salient Features:
- Quick access to a wide variety of atomic properties--wherever you go!
- Easily adjust units of properties stored on iPod.
- Easy to use iPod-style interface.
- Visual tables on iPods with video
- User configurable--choose what data you want to load onto your iPod.
- iPod installers available for Mac OS X and Windows XP!

ChemDuet is shareware. Until you register ChemDuet, you are using the demo version of the ChemDuet Installer. You can upgrade to the full version of ChemDuet for only $12 (USD). When you register, you will receive a registration code via email for enabling all the features of ChemDuet.

Try it out--download a demo version of ChemDuet right now for Mac OS X  or Windows XP! To unlock all the features, there is a $12 registration fee.  We offer secure online registration.  If you would like more information, feel free to contact us!

iPod screenshots are simulated, and will vary depending on settings chosen in the ChemDuet installer and the size of your iPod's screen.

System Requirements (iPod):
- an iPod with click wheel and a screen:
e.g. 3rd, 4th generation iPod, iPod with video (5th generation iPod), iPod Classic, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod photo, or iPod U2
- visual tables require 5th Generation iPod, iPod Classic, or iPod nano with video.
- a Mac OS X or Windows XP computer that works with the iPod
- does not work with iPod touch or iPhone!
- doesn't work with iPod shuffle... there's no screen!