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Alchemist's Challenge  for Windows
Know Your Pb and Au
download version 1.5.6
for Windows XP
Alchemist's Challenge is also available for Mac OS X

lchemy, the forerunner of modern chemistry, was concerned with tasks including turning metals such as lead (Pb) into gold (Au) using some magical substance known as the philosopher's stone. Many alchemists also tried to find a elixir or fountain of youth. Important tasks, for sure. Alchemists examined countless substances in the world, in the hopes that one of them would lead to the philosopher's stone, elixir of youth, or some other magical substance. Though their explorations' goals were never realized, their discoveries along the way laid the foundations for modern chemistry.

Still, alchemy is so far removed from what we think of as chemistry today that any chemistry questions would be quite a challenge to an alchemist. So we've created Alchemist's Challenge, a collection of chemistry quizzes designed to help you learn about one of the central features of chemistry: the periodic table.

We hope you enjoy Alchemist's Challenge, and that it furthers your knowledge and understanding of chemistry!

Salient Features:
- Six types of quizzes, all extensively customizable.
- Element naming, element symbols, formula naming, formula writing, balancing equations, electron configurations of elements and ions, and ion naming are some of the skills covered.
- Try the ultimate test--the Alchemist's Challenge--thought-provoking periodic table questions and answers.
- Score tracking, optionally password-protected settings and scores.
- Quizzes can be timed, have limited guesses, require the correct answer, and be of varying length.
- Great companion to our Periodic Table software!

Awards and Reviews:
"Every Mac-using chemistry class needs to acquire the Alchemist's Challenge - it is as simple as that" 5/5

Screen Shots:

Six different quizzes...

from balancing equations,

to periodic table questions...

all very customizable!

You may download a demo version of this product right now!  However, to unlock all the features, there is a $15 registration fee.  Registration information is included with the demo.   We also offer secure online registration.  Reasonably priced site licenses are available.   If you would like more information, feel free to contact us!.

System Requirements (Windows):

Alchemist's Challenge 1.5.6
- Windows XP

Also available for Mac OS X